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Retail Home Delivery

Maneuvering your safe or other specialty item from store to home.

Retail Home Delivery

So, you did your research. You found the best value; a safe that meets your needs and will look good in your home or office. The store can get it to your vehicle, no problem, but what about getting it home? What about the stairs, that one section of plush carpet; how do we…?

A growing number of retailers are choosing to have our Final Mile Delivery crew deliver individual large ticket items, and move or re-set showrooms and displays.   

We survey your setting, measure, plan delivery with any special conditions in mind. We explain what to expect so you’re confident about your move or delivery.  White Glove Installation provides you with confidence; knowing we work directly with manufacturers so specifications and requirements are met without fail.

Your job that day isn’t hard at all. Unlock the door and watch our crew use specialty moving equipment, brawn, intelligence, and teamwork to set everything in place. It’s impressive! Or if you’d rather, you can go watch the game and wait for the crew captain to tell you you’ve been safely moved.

It’s that final mile that makes delivery challenging. Sometimes the last 10 – 15 feet.
We’ve got this.

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