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Final Mile Delivery

Your trusted partner to help your customers get their products home.

In the Nick of Time Moving specializes in developing and implementing Final Mile and White Glove delivery services for US manufacturers and big-box retailers, both online and brick & mortar.

Final Mile Delivery

Final Mile Delivery, sometimes called “last mile delivery,” is like it sounds, delivery for the final leg of the supply chain. The final mile of a delivery is often the least efficient and highest in cost. It can be problematic from a logistical standpoint. We can make it more efficient and reduce your costs, solving your logistical problems.

White Glove Delivery

White Glove deliveries are shipments that require special attention that the LTL (Less Than Truckload) carrier does not offer. White Glove couriers professionally package, secure the shipment to the truck, and deliver to the location to where the shipment needs to go, including residential homes. The term “Inside Delivery” can be confusing, because while the LTL carrier will deliver inside a storefront, it only includes delivery to a residential driveway or garage, not inside. But this is where In the Nick of Time Moving excels! We’ll orchestrate a safe, efficient and smooth move, ensuring your customer’s items get to their final destination.

In the Nick of Time Moving has partnered with many major retailers and manufacturers including:

Our Partners

Our team stands ready to expedite your Final Mile Delivery, personalized White Glove Delivery, and assembly needs.  

Your customers will first relax, then be impressed when they learn that you have standing arrangements with In the Nick of Time Moving to deliver and install their large format items. Our flawless delivery enhances your store’s reputation because your service includes quality delivery and assembly of large format items, by highly trained, skilled delivery personnel.

Many times, the products we deliver need to be assembled or installed as well. We work with manufacturers, and retailers, large and small, to learn the products we deliver. Trained in our Wisconsin-based, state-of-the-art facility, our knowledgeable delivery techs skillfully provide your customers with the best assembly and installation services. We are also able to provide installation and assembly services for the end consumer.

In the Nick of Time Moving strives to create the best delivery experience possible. As the last point of a sale for you as a retailer or manufacturer, it’s our privilege to further boost your customers’ satisfaction of purchase through deliveries that surpass their highest expectations.